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Mydoh Smart Cash Card

Does my child get a physical card?

Does my child get a physical card?

They sure do! With a Mydoh physical card, your child can make purchases in-store, providing hands-on, real world experience. Follow these steps to order a physical card for your child. Purchases made with the physical card are subject to daily transaction limits, and do not require a PIN. Simply tap or insert the card anywhere Visa is accepted!

Your child can also access their digital Smart Cash Card in the app! They can use their digital card right away for online purchases by entering their card details when checking out. They can also set up their digital card in their Apple wallet if they are an iOS user1.

1.    Currently, Apple restricts Apple IDs of those younger than 13 years old from adding their card to Apple Wallet. Mydoh is currently unavailable on Google Pay and Samsung Pay.