How Do I Set Up a One-Time vs a Recurring Task for My Child? | Mydoh

What is the difference between a one-time vs. a recurring task?

What is the difference between a one-time vs. a recurring task?

When setting up tasks, parents can choose between setting them up as one time or recurring. There is a key difference between the two, which is explained in more detail below:

Recurring Tasks:
A recurring task is a task that can be repeated various times throughout the week. The completion of a recurring task is determined by whether or not your child successfully completed every instance of the task. If your child only completes only a portion of the task instances that were set, the task would still be considered incomplete, and as such, they would not get paid.

For example, if you have assigned a recurring task to be completed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but your child only completed the task on Monday, their total earnings for that task would remain $0. We completely understand that sometimes children can miss a day and still want to get paid! Which is why you can also set up a one-time task!

One-Time Tasks:
To ensure your child gets paid for each instance they complete, we recommend assigning “One-off” tasks. A one off tasks means that the task payment will occur if they complete that one instance of the task that has been sent.

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