Teaching your kids good money values is an important part of being a parent. And learning good money values can start at a young age. We’re here to help inspire you to have money conversations with your kids, early in life.

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The Benefits of Buying Local and Supporting the Economy

Shopping and dining locally, especially now, is about recognizing the strength and resiliency of all Canadians. Learn more about why shopping local matters.

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7 Chore Ideas for Kids this Winter

With winter comes some specific chores to do around the home. Get kids involved with these fun tasks that help teach independence and financial responsibility.

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What You Need to Know to Open Your Kids’ First Bank Account

Graduating from a piggy bank to their first bank account is a big step in helping kids manage their money. Discover which bank account is right for your child.

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A Guide to Spring Chores for Kids and Teens

Doing chores can boost your kids’ bank balance. Did you know chores also build life skills and boost mental health? Here are spring chores for kids and teens.

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Money Talks 101

How to Teach Kids about Money at an Early Age

When should parents start teaching kids about money? The answer may surprise you. According to financial experts, the money lessons start early in life.

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Money Talks 101

How to Help Your Kids Learn Better Money Saving Habits

Talking about money is the key to teaching kids good money savings habits, at every age. Those conversations don’t have to be awkward — and they can even be fun.

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Money Talks 101

7 Tips for Teaching Your Kids How to Save Money

Parents should talk with their kids about money early. Here’s our tips on how kids can save money and build a plan that gives them a headstart on financial literacy.

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How to Make Money as a Kid Online

There's plenty of opportunities for kids to embrace the latest startup trends and make money online. Here are 7 savvy online business ideas for your kids.

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Money Games for Kids

Online games and board games are a great way to introduce financial literacy skills. Here are nine fun money games for kids to play.

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Money Talks 101

Finances for Kids: ABC’s of Money

Kids as young as three are already beginning to grasp the concept of money. Introduce the ABC's of money to your kids with these fun games and practical tips.

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Money Talks 101

Important Money Lessons for Kids

When’s the best time to teach your kids about money? The short answer: right now. Here are some of the most important money lessons to teach kids.

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Money Talks 101

How to Teach Your Kids the Difference Between Want vs. Need

How many times have we heard “But I need it!” — coupled with a pout — from our kids? Probably too many. None of us want to raise a child who could give Veruca Salt a run for her money. Read more on understanding the difference between a need and a want.

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How to Save for Your Child’s Post-Secondary Education

Did you know that the average tuition costs for Canadian undergrad students are currently around $6,000 per year? (That doesn’t include books, residence, or meals.) Learn more about the best way to save for your child's education in Canada.

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COVID-19: What You Need to Know About Back-to-School Plans Across Canada

Through this article, we hope to share consolidated information from authentic sources so you can understand what the new school year will look like in your province.

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7 Tips to Teach Your Kids How to Use Credit Cards

When it comes to credit cards, it’s easy for kids to think of them as “free money.” Don't wait, have "the talk" with them today and get the info you need to teach your kids about credit cards while they’re still young.

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5 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Start Their Own Business

If you think kids aren’t natural entrepreneurs, here’s the proof: the popsicle, trampoline, swimming flippers, even the ear muff were all invented by kids. Find out how you can encourage their entrepreneurial spirit.

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Money Talks 101

How Giving Your Kids Real-World Money Experience Will Help Shape Their Future

Where do you start when talking about money with your kids? Is allowance a good idea? How do you explain the value of money to children? Find out how Mydoh can help with raising money-smart kids.

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Money Talks 101

What's the Right Way to Give an Allowance?

What's the right way to give an allowance? Robin Taub, Chartered Accountant and author of the book "A Parent's Guide to Raising Money-Smart Kids," answers the question.

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Get Shopping: 7 Reasons Why We Should Love Our Local Economy

For those wondering how shopping local can help your community, we’ve put together some of our favourite reasons. Learn how to get your kids involved and teach them the importance of shopping locally.

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Settling in Canada: How to Set Your Kids Up for Success

While the thought is promising, trying to understand the differences in the Canadian school system and curriculum may be confusing and sometimes stressful. Mydoh is here to help navigate this sometimes daunting topic.

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Money Talks 101

Teaching Kids About Money: in Conversation with Bryan and Sarah Baeumler

Find out why Bryan and Sarah Baeumler recognize the value of talking about money with their kids.

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Fun Chores Ideas That Will Teach Kids How to Manage Money

No matter whether your kids are back at school – or learning remotely this upcoming school year – help teach kids about money and keeping them busy in those off-school hours with these fun Mydoh chore ideas.

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Returning to School During COVID-19

Are your kids anxious about going back-to-school this year? Here’s how to talk to them about COVID-19, practice good hygiene and alleviate their fears.

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Money Talks 101

The Importance of Teaching Your Kids How to Give Back to the Community

Volunteering or donating your time, money, or unwanted items are great ways to give back to your community. Learn more about what you and your kids can do.

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