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How do I invite my kids to Mydoh?

How do I invite my kids to Mydoh?

Inviting your kids is easy! After signing up as a primary parent, you can add your kid(s) by following these steps:

1. Go to the settings tab in your parent account.
2. Select ‘Add a Child’.
3. Enter your child’s name, date of birth, and email.
4. Confirm all of the details are correct and tap ‘Confirm’.
5. Invitation Sent! For kids who are signing up with iPad please use the invite code.

Now that you have added your kid(s) to Mydoh, they can activate their account by following these steps here! In the meantime, you can start to set tasks and allowance, and load funds into your kid(s) accounts!


– Only primary parents can send invitations to join the Mydoh family account. Your child can only use the app when they have been invited by a primary parent.
– You can only activate your child’s physical card when they activate their account.