Introducing Enhanced Savings Goals Feature

Saving for what you want just got easier with Mydoh’s enhanced savings goals feature. Learn how your kids can put money aside and save for up to three goals.
By Mydoh · January 9, 2023 · 2 minutes read
Image of smartphone with Mydoh app and the savings goals feature with doddles in the background

Establishing a financial goal is an important part of creating mindful spending habits. But saving for the future can be a challenge! Why? Because humans have a tendency to choose immediate gratification over rewards in the future. Add to that, teens’ brains are wired for immediate rewards, which is why they’re more likely to choose to spend their money on a large bubble tea versus saving it to see their fav band in concert. 

Learning to save is easier when you’ve got somewhere to put your money and those funds are protected from impulse spending. That’s why at Mydoh we’ve introduced enhanced Savings Goals* to help kids and teens reach their goals

Enhanced Savings Goals features

Funds are protected

Kids can’t spend the money allocated to Savings Goals, which helps with making conscious decisions about how to save and spend their money. 

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General savings or set a specific goal

Kids can set aside money and save without a specific goal or create up to three separate goals, each with a different amount and an emoji to represent their goal. 

Visually track your progress 

Kids will be able to track their progress and have a visual representation of how much they’ve already saved. 

Parental visibility

Parents will be able to see their kids’ total savings goals balance, individual goals, and their progress towards them. 

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How Savings Goals works

Here’s how kids and teens can use the Savings Goals feature in the Mydoh app: 

1. Set a goal 

Create and name your goal, choose a category (such as sports or electronics), input the target amount you want to save, and the date you want to reach your goal. 

2. Add money to your savings goal

Transfer money from your spend wallet to a specific savings goal or general savings and monitor your progress. Parents can monitor kids’ progress and provide encouragement along the way. 

3. Reach your goal

Once you’ve reached your goal, transfer your money to spend and get your Smart Cash Card ready to make your purchase!  

Download the Mydoh app to help build your confidence in money management and become financially independent. 

*Please note: Your child’s Savings Goals is not a savings account and will not receive interest or any other earnings.

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