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Mydoh Product Updates: You Asked, We Listened

Mydoh is excited to share the new product features our team is working on. These updates will help parents navigate the Mydoh app, and raise money-smart kids.
By Mydoh · January 24, 2022 · 3 minutes read
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Mydoh is the first of its kind app and Smart Cash Card for kids and teens in Canada. It was launched in 2020 with the vision to provide parents with the tools they need to raise money- smart kids. 

But doing something new and different isn’t always easy, we’ve had challenges and learnings along the way. A very important part of overcoming those challenges is user feedback—from people like you!

Mydoh has been fortunate to receive great feedback from our users. We want you to know that we take your suggestions seriously. Our team has worked hard to transform that feedback into new features that will improve your experience with Mydoh and add even more value. 

New Mydoh features

We’re excited to share three features that the Mydoh team are actively working on, all of which came from your feedback. 

1. Make changes to your childs’ task 

Setting up a task in the Mydoh app is a great way to help your kids learn the value of earning money. And we’re thrilled that so many parents are using it. We’ve received many requests for the ability to make changes to tasks once they’ve been set up in the app.  

Come February 2022, parents will be able to change how often you want a task to be completed, the payment amount, and more. That means if a particular task changes at home, you don’t need to delete the task in the app. Simply make changes to the task that you have already set up. Of course, you can always add a new task at any time.  

2. More parental controls 

Mydoh is adding more parental controls so you can mark or unmark tasks as complete. Did your child forget to mark their task as done in the app? You will soon be able to mark a task as complete on behalf of your child, so they don’t have to worry about missing Pay Day. 

Was the task not completed satisfactorily or only half done? You can soon uncheck the task to mark it incomplete. When you make a change to your kid’s task, their task list will get updated and your teen or tween will receive a notification of that change.

3. Notification of purchases in real time

Parents are now notified whenever your kids or teens make a purchase in real-time. 

Knowing where your child is spending their money is an important part of guiding kids to make smart decisions about what and where they spend their cash. If your kids are still learning how to manage their money, a little oversight could help guide them. While parents could always track their kids’ spending in the app, thanks to your feedback, we’re working on a way to let you know as soon as a purchase is made. Whether a purchase was expected or not, you will know shortly after it happens and you can log in to the app (plus provide feedback in the form of encouraging emojis!). 

Mydoh wants to hear from you

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and product features that make it even easier for you to teach your kids about financial literacy. But most importantly, keep your feedback coming – don’t hesitate to contact us by email at or in-app, we’re listening! We work hard to study all your feedback and transform it into safe and secure features that help you raise money-smart kids. 

Mydoh is not only committed to providing a great user experience, but also to creating solutions that keep adding value to your life and your feedback is an important part of that.  

Download Mydoh and get started today.  

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